A palatial bungalow and luxury studio apartments set amidst the rolling hills, DVARA Kodaikanal is the ideal hill view mountain gateway offering a perfect blend of luxury and tranquility for honeymoon couples & families, seeking premium resorts and holiday rental bungalows in Kodaikanal. Located in the quaint village of Vilpatti, it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main town. Wake up to the sun peeking over the luxury mountain tops and watch the mist gliding past the dale. Sip on a hot cup of chai in the luxury evenings as you sit on the balcony and enjoy the stunning panoramic hill view.

At DVARA Kodaikanal, make your mountain retreat a dream come true for couples and families. Enjoy a calming boat ride on one of the most pristine spring water lakes in India and spend your day biking around the city and visiting its local luxury shops. With its serene atmosphere, luxurious amenities, and picturesque hill view setting, it offers a memorable experience for luxury hill view resorts that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. Come, lose yourself at DVARA Kodaikanal to the simple joys that make life luxury and priceless – the stillness of the place, the chirping of the birds, and the fresh mountain air.

The Dvaras (doors) welcome

guests into a bygone era of old-world charm and southern hospitality. 

The Dvaras (doors) welcome guests into a bygone era of old-world charm and southern hospitality. 


Mantled in an aura of natural grandeur, our luxury resort property in Kodaikanal has both valley-view rooms and garden-view rooms that invite guests to a delightful blend of mystical mountain charms and modern travel comforts. Whether you prefer to wake up to the stunning view of the valley or enjoy the lush greenery of the gardens, our rooms offer a delightful blend of modern comfort and natural charm. Nestled among the greenery of pine, oak, and birch trees, and perched above the captivating sight of the spell-binding valley and rolling hills, holidays here at our luxury resorts in Kodaikanal will help you discover your inner peace!

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DVARA Kodaikanal’s cuisine is a true reflection of the rich culinary traditions of Tamil Nadu. Our chefs have curated a menu that offers a delectable mix of Anglo-Indian dishes, local Madurai cuisine, and Dindigul specialties. Come and indulge in a culinary experience at our holiday rental bungalows in Kodaikanal that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Lawn & Campfire

Looking out from the lawn at our best resorts in Kodaikanal for couples, you can feel the forest begins at your doorstep. Feel the tranquil ambience of the forest seeping into your soul, as you take in the fresh mountain air. As night falls, you can feel the silence, the flickering of fireflies around. In the morning, you will wake up to the sounds of birds chirping in the jungle around you while the mountains are still covered in mist. The serene and peaceful atmosphere creates a perfect setting for you to unwind and relax after a long day.

resorts with best food in kodaikanal
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In-House Activities

At DVARA Kodaikanal, we understand that finesse lies not only in our luxurious accommodations but also in the diverse range of in-house activities we offer at our hill view premium resorts. We take great pride in providing our guests with a refined and unforgettable array of exclusive in-house activities that include a Pool table, Board games, a Library, Kids play area, a Bonfire, and a Culinary demonstration. Whether you seek relaxation, entertainment, or a chance to indulge your passions, our expanded resort in Kodaikanal offers a wealth of in-house activities that cater to a diverse range of interests.

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