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Come, lose yourself at Dvara Kodaikanal to the simple joys that make life priceless – the stillness of the place, the chirping of the birds, and the fresh mountain air with astonishment from every vantage point.

Nature Walk

Walk through the wooded hill slopes, large rocks, winding roads, skipping waterfalls, and fruit orchards that constantly disappear and reappear in the mist.

Our in-house staff will guide you through the walk explaining some of the indigenous things about the region.

Cycling Trails

Cycling around the Lake is the most beautiful and expressive feature of Kodaikanal. When a gentle breeze brushes against your cheeks, a simple bicycle ride is a fulfilling experience. Stick to the paved path that takes you past several glorious bungalows covered in blooms of various hues, the beautiful nursery hidden under a canopy of trees.

Depending on the make, you can rent gear bicycles at ₹30 to ₹50 for an hour.


Take a breath of fresh air as you walk through the natural forests. Paths and soft-trodden trails appear out of nowhere in the hills.That explains why walking, hiking and trekking are major activities in ‘Kodai’. Day and half-day hikes are an excellent way of taking in the natural wonders of the place.


Boating in the Kodaikanal Lake is one of the important parts of every Kodaikanal tour. Boat Club in Kodaikanal offers boats of various kinds on rent, making the experience of boating a lot easier. Enjoy boating at the serene Kodai Lake, with pristine water around you and an enchanting view to admire while the cool weather soothes you. It will be an experience worth remembering.